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I finally watched the last episode of the X-Files season 10 and wanted to look back on the thing as a whole.

[The spoilers are out there]

Overall, I would give the season a solid B. It had some great moments and some terrible moments, but I think the former outweighed the latter. Plus, Mulder and Scully are two of the greatest TV characters of all time, IMO, and so anything that has them together can only be so bad.

Next, a look at particularly episodes - warning, I don't go in order!

My personal favourite episode was "Founder's Mutation." Along with my current re-watch of the whole series (I'm about 3/4 of the way through season 1), it helped me realize that my favourite episodes are the ones that are more science-based, and this definitely was that. I just thought it was a very interesting story and it led to some good character moments for the leads.

Everyone was raving about "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster," which fell a bit flat for me. I think my main problem was that Mulder's development in the episode would have fit better if this was the second episode, rather than the third (which apparently it originally was going to be). Also, the tonal shift was just a bit too much for me - I really don't remember anything quite that goofy before. But it was still a decent episode and probably the second best of the season.

I tend to like My Struggles Part 1 and 2 better than most people - I think there were some really good ideas in there but there just wasn't enough time to develop them. Part 2 did at least make a case for why Agent Eistein could be a necessary character in the future, since at this point Scully has seen too much to be skeptical and, as this episode showed, sometimes that is necessary. Not sure about Agent Miller yet, though he seems like an okay kid.

"Babylon" was, quite frankly, terrible. I expect more from this show than to fall back on stereotypes and that was all this was. Which made the Miller/Einstein characters really not work.

"Home Again," was a bit hit and miss. Scully's storyline was amazing but the mystery of the week wasn't strong enough to be paired with it.

Other thoughts:

- I don't know if I like all the emphasis on William, probably because I don't really remember much about him from the original run. General opinion seems to be that it was one of the weaker parts of the later seasons, so it might not have been the best thing to focus on. That said, I did love the scenes where Scully and Mulder imagined what life with him would have been like.

- Agent Skinner was CRIMINALLY underused, I don't know why they even bothered putting him in the opening credits.

- Speaking of the credits, I do sort of love that the original ones were used, though at the same time I think I would have liked to see some new visuals, so long as they kept the original theme song.

- I can't believe the damn thing ended on a cliffhanger. While I do think this season proves that the X-Files can still work, it seems a bit presumptous to end on a cliffhanger without concrete plans for more episodes - particularly since I have a feeling that we might have a bit of a wait before everyone can be brought back to do more.

So yeah ... overall, I liked it and would like to see more. This season was definitely not one of the series' best, but it was still enjoyable and I look forward to seeing what comes next (assuming that anything comes next).

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More year in review.

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I keep meaning to do my year in review, so here I am, finally starting in on it. A little late this year, but better late than never.

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Also, unrelated, but I am very upset about Alan Rickman. I really loved him, as Snape and in every other role I've seen. I really regret never getting the chance to meet him.

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Hey, I'm alive ... I think.

Finished moving to the house, will share pictures when the place isn't a disaster. October was a crazy month though - glad to see it over.

Imriel is having issues with being confined to the basement, so I have to re-think that. He's basically spending most of his time when I'm here curled up on the loveseat in the living room, so I think I might leave him with run of the first floor as well and hope he doesn't spend too much time barking at the kids during recess (so far, he's been okay).

Of course, that floor is full of boxes that I don't want him getting into, so a lot of work has to be done before that will work.

Also trying to carve out time for writing again, since I haven't done a whole lot recently. I did however recently buy Scrivener on sale and am loving it so far. Though I need to do less planning/re-arranging and more actual writing.

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It really has been a busy television week!


I wasn't originally interested in this one, until I saw that Jennifer Carpenter, aka Deb from Dexter, was in it. So I decided to check it out and yeah, it was okay. Another twist on the police procedural, which is at least something different.

But I have to say that nothing really grabbed me about this one. It wasn't bad or anything, it was just ... average. And in the competitive world of TV these days, average just doesn't cut it. So I won't be watching any more of this, unless it becomes the next Big Thing (TM) and I don't really see that happening.

Minority Report

First off, I've never read the short story or scene the movie for this one. Which turns out to be okay, because the show gives a quick synopsis of stuff and then immediately rushes off into the future, as it's set about a decade after the movie.

Again, we have a bit of a police procedural with a twist, but this one brings it very sci-fi, since there is future technology, and we also have the precogs running around to keep things interesting. I'm not entirely sold on Dash as main character, since he seems way in over his head compared to Arthur and Agatha. But I'm definitely intrigued so far, so I'll be continuing with this one.

And I probably should get around to seeing the movie too - the same thing happened when Sarah Connor was on the air, since I saw it before actually seeing any of the Terminator movies.

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2 shows this time, one new, one old.


I watched this one mainly because it has been getting a LOT of hype with commercials. And it looked like it could be cool. I enjoyed the first episode more then expected, because Jane Doe turned out to pretty much be a more stable River Tam, which is a character type I enjoy. The actress playing her is also awesome and really helped pull the show through some initial parts that were questionable, what with her body becoming an object for study. Luckily it ended up not feeling too male gaze-y and she was basically asserting her agency left, right, and center.

Also, the show reminds me a lot of the Blacklist, though perhaps not quite as ridiculous - though time will tell about that one. So definitely going to keep watching this one.


Forget the haters, this was the best new show of last year (well, The Flash looked like it might be pretty good but I've only actually seen the finale, so I'll reserve judgement). I really did love the heck out of this show and I feel like the direction for season two is shaping out to be pretty interesting. We definitely have a nice theme building for both Gordon and Bruce, as they step away from happiness and instead embrace their "calling" (which is something that really sums up Batman as a whole quite well).

Not sure about having Selina work for Penguin but I guess they needed to put her somewhere. And since she ended up with Fish last season (which was also questionable), I guess it does actually make some sense.

I do keep hoping they'll find a way to bring back Renee Montoya though. Because she's awesome. But I'm not really expecting it, since I don't think she's appeared in it since halfway through season 1.

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Okay, time for a quick New Show Report, Old Show Report, and a few bits about TellTale's Game of Thrones, Episode 5.

The Muppets

So, as sometimes (though rarely) happens, this show is airing a day earlier in Canada then in the US. And it's pretty much a guaranteed watch for me, because it's the Muppets.

The first episode was pretty good too. I like the talkshow premise, since it means it's easy to work in cameos, as well as Muppet hijinks. Not all the jokes worked for me but enough of them did - especially everything that came out of Sam the Eagle's beak.

Plus, there was Kermit. My goodness, what a great character Kermit is.


Life in Pieces

So, this one had an interesting gimmick, with four brief stories each week telling about the life of a family.

I lasted about two and a half stories before turning it off. It was just not that funny and actually a little creepy and gross. Oh well, I knew a couple of the new shows had to be duds.

I also taped Minority Report and Blindspot tonight but don't have time to watch them. I also thought I might as well talk a bit about the returning stuff for this year, which includes Gotham, which was also taped tonight but will have to wait to be viewed later. But I do have one thing to talk about.

The Big Bang Theory

This show left off on quite the cliffhanger last year and picks up right away. I thought it was an okay episode, though I'm a bit annoyed at Penny for pretty much all of her actions in the episode, with the exception of her support for Amy.

Also, I think Stuart needs a character makeover ala Wolowitz, because he's just getting a little creepy and gross. Maybe he needs to crossover into Life in Pieces and never come back.

TellTale's Game of Thrones: Episode 5

Since I'm hoping episode 6 is going to be coming out sometime soon, I finally got my second playthrough caught up with the most recent episode.

[Going to cut this just in case people haven't played it yet]

One thing I realized while playing this is that pretty much every version of the characters in my second playthrough is inferior to the version in my first one. Some of that is on purpose, since I wanted to try out the different choices, but I was still surprised to realize that I just don't like this set as much.

Which of course was good for the ending, since it made it easier to leave Rodrick behind to die. Actually, with Royland as the traitor, his decision to save Asher's life and make him the new lord really worked, since Rodrick was beginning to think that he had made every wrong decision (of course, as the player, I know he was pretty much screwed no matter what).

I also do like how my second Asher is a bit more unpredictable, which is something Ethan says about him in ep 1, and I think becoming lord could be quite an interesting development for him. Also, I look forward to a reunion with Gwyn so SO SO much. Though I also need to make sure he makes things up to Beshka like mad, because she has put up with a lot from him.

Second!Mira pretty much has no friends or allies now, which sucks for her. Not sure she quite realizes how bad things are getting - hopefully she'll take Tyrion's words to heart. It is sad to see the complete reversal of her relationship with Sera though - first!Mira kept her confidence and has all and all been quite a good friend.

Gerad is probably the character who suffers the least in comparison to his first playthrough counterpoint. I actually have to admit, I really enjoyed going for it and killing the guy who murdered his family - kicking him off the wall was very cathartic. But the story in ep 5 was pretty much the same, minus Finn since Second!Gerad didn't bother befriending him.

All and all, I'm ready for episode 6. Though also very worried about what sort of ending it will have, though at least all of TellTale's stuff that I've played has had an ending that tied as much up as possible, while leaving room open for more.

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As mentioned in my last post, there are a lot of new shows that I plan to check out this fall season, starting tonight with Minority Report, Life in Pieces, and Blindspot. But I thought maybe I should go back a bit and talk about the most recent new show I've been watching ...

Fear the Walking Dead

I've been a fan of The Walking Dead for awhile - particularly the TellTale Game, though I also adore the show. I've also read vol 1 of the comics and they seem good, I need to pick up more volumes at some point.

Anyway, this spin-off has been interesting but it's also been widely inconsistent. I'm still not quite sure it's figured out what it really wants to be, though I just watched episode 4 and it might be almost there. I just think they should have gotten to that point in the story at least one episode sooner, and cut some of the extraneous stuff there. When the show really focuses on what we didn't get to see in the Walking Dead - the actual breakdown of a regular human life, where the walkers are your friends/neighbours - it really works.

The characters also could be stronger. So far, I think Madison is my favourite and she's had some awesome moments, but again, things seem very inconsistent with her at times.

So ultimately, I am enjoying watching it but it's not as good as the Walking Dead yet and I think that's because they didn't have a clear roadmap to follow for the beginning, while TWD did stick pretty close to the comics, at least for the first couple of episodes.

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I told [personal profile] tersa I would try and write more, so here I am.

I've been packing a lot tonight, almost have all my books packed ... except for my book trunk ... and all the books on my "haven't read these yet" shelves. *sigh* I think I might have a problem.

Other than packing, life has pretty much just been regular activities resuming since it is fall. I've had two ringette games so far - neither of them went well. Hilariously, the first game of the season was played as a spare for my old team, because their goalie is pregnant ... again (background info: she was pregnant two years ago and I played nets full-time, decided I liked it enough to not want to go back to playing out of nets, but since she was coming back I had to find a new team, so now they have no goalie).

Also had our first choir practice and this year I am going to put my foot down over them going to late, I do not want to still be in Carp at 10PM on a Thursday night!

Not a whole lot else happening. I will however have a good line-up for a New TV Show Report this year, since there are a bunch of interesting sounding things about to premiere. If they all turn out to actually be good, I'm going to have a very full PVR @_@!

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Hey, tersa, Telltale just released the next episode of Game of Thrones (if you hadn't already heard).

Also, I hate Telltale. I hate them so, so much.



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