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I'm still alive!

Life has been pretty busy for awhile ... or at least it's seemed that way. My head's been feeling very fuzzy lately and so it might just be me.

In an attempt to defeat the fuzziness, I am trying to do some major cleaning of my apartment, since I'm definitely someone who is affected by my environment. Also, maybe I'll finally be able to find whatever is attracting so many damn houseflies!

I also am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, trying to finally finish the first draft of my steampunk novella that originally started as a Himitsu AU fic (old RPG I was involved in) but has become something different now (and something better, I think, since I've introduced a second narrator/storyline that is completely original). Anyway, I have a 10,000 word goal that I think should get me to the end. Now I just need to actually write it.

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Hi! *waves* :-) Welcome back.

Sorry to hear your head has been feeling fuzzy. Best of luck with your cleaning and your steampunk novella.

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