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I told [personal profile] tersa I would try and write more, so here I am.

I've been packing a lot tonight, almost have all my books packed ... except for my book trunk ... and all the books on my "haven't read these yet" shelves. *sigh* I think I might have a problem.

Other than packing, life has pretty much just been regular activities resuming since it is fall. I've had two ringette games so far - neither of them went well. Hilariously, the first game of the season was played as a spare for my old team, because their goalie is pregnant ... again (background info: she was pregnant two years ago and I played nets full-time, decided I liked it enough to not want to go back to playing out of nets, but since she was coming back I had to find a new team, so now they have no goalie).

Also had our first choir practice and this year I am going to put my foot down over them going to late, I do not want to still be in Carp at 10PM on a Thursday night!

Not a whole lot else happening. I will however have a good line-up for a New TV Show Report this year, since there are a bunch of interesting sounding things about to premiere. If they all turn out to actually be good, I'm going to have a very full PVR @_@!

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Ugh. Packing. THE WORST. I used my last move as an excuse to ruthlessly purge a bunch of my books--hopefully you have the intestinal fortitude to do the same. :)

Yay, ringette! Also, yay, hockey season!

That's so cool that you're doing choir. :)

I look forward to reading your TV show report! Not having had cable or satellite for nearly two years now, I am so out of the loop on new shows. :)

Yeah, I've definitely going to try and get rid of some things - already cleared out some clothes. The books are probably pretty safe though, since most of what I have hear has been with me for several moves now - or is the stuff I haven't read yet. But there are boxes of books at my parents that I need to sort through and I bet a lot of those will end up on the chopping block.

I had another brutal ringette game last night but I still think we'll get there. It's the challenge of my team having a lot of players who are still relatively new to the sport - and a few this year who've never played it before, though I think they have played hockey, so they just need some refreshers on the rule differences!

Very excited for hockey season again, I'll have to try and get the Sens schedule synced with my calendar or something.

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