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2 shows this time, one new, one old.


I watched this one mainly because it has been getting a LOT of hype with commercials. And it looked like it could be cool. I enjoyed the first episode more then expected, because Jane Doe turned out to pretty much be a more stable River Tam, which is a character type I enjoy. The actress playing her is also awesome and really helped pull the show through some initial parts that were questionable, what with her body becoming an object for study. Luckily it ended up not feeling too male gaze-y and she was basically asserting her agency left, right, and center.

Also, the show reminds me a lot of the Blacklist, though perhaps not quite as ridiculous - though time will tell about that one. So definitely going to keep watching this one.


Forget the haters, this was the best new show of last year (well, The Flash looked like it might be pretty good but I've only actually seen the finale, so I'll reserve judgement). I really did love the heck out of this show and I feel like the direction for season two is shaping out to be pretty interesting. We definitely have a nice theme building for both Gordon and Bruce, as they step away from happiness and instead embrace their "calling" (which is something that really sums up Batman as a whole quite well).

Not sure about having Selina work for Penguin but I guess they needed to put her somewhere. And since she ended up with Fish last season (which was also questionable), I guess it does actually make some sense.

I do keep hoping they'll find a way to bring back Renee Montoya though. Because she's awesome. But I'm not really expecting it, since I don't think she's appeared in it since halfway through season 1.


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