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It really has been a busy television week!


I wasn't originally interested in this one, until I saw that Jennifer Carpenter, aka Deb from Dexter, was in it. So I decided to check it out and yeah, it was okay. Another twist on the police procedural, which is at least something different.

But I have to say that nothing really grabbed me about this one. It wasn't bad or anything, it was just ... average. And in the competitive world of TV these days, average just doesn't cut it. So I won't be watching any more of this, unless it becomes the next Big Thing (TM) and I don't really see that happening.

Minority Report

First off, I've never read the short story or scene the movie for this one. Which turns out to be okay, because the show gives a quick synopsis of stuff and then immediately rushes off into the future, as it's set about a decade after the movie.

Again, we have a bit of a police procedural with a twist, but this one brings it very sci-fi, since there is future technology, and we also have the precogs running around to keep things interesting. I'm not entirely sold on Dash as main character, since he seems way in over his head compared to Arthur and Agatha. But I'm definitely intrigued so far, so I'll be continuing with this one.

And I probably should get around to seeing the movie too - the same thing happened when Sarah Connor was on the air, since I saw it before actually seeing any of the Terminator movies.


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