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Hey, I'm alive ... I think.

Finished moving to the house, will share pictures when the place isn't a disaster. October was a crazy month though - glad to see it over.

Imriel is having issues with being confined to the basement, so I have to re-think that. He's basically spending most of his time when I'm here curled up on the loveseat in the living room, so I think I might leave him with run of the first floor as well and hope he doesn't spend too much time barking at the kids during recess (so far, he's been okay).

Of course, that floor is full of boxes that I don't want him getting into, so a lot of work has to be done before that will work.

Also trying to carve out time for writing again, since I haven't done a whole lot recently. I did however recently buy Scrivener on sale and am loving it so far. Though I need to do less planning/re-arranging and more actual writing.

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Grats on getting moved! Now begins the 5 times as long process of getting unpacked lol. XD

:( Yeah ... and the joy of wanting things and having no idea which box they are in.

Gosh, moving house! I haven't done that for a couple of years, although I will probably be doing it next year. No pets to move, just a boyfriend *grin*. What's your new place like?

Also Scrivener is the best! I spend more time playing with it than writing though (did you know you can add your own icons...?)

It's a two-bedroom, split level townhouse on a small, private street. Also it has a carport, which is great for my poor car that I think is beginning to enter the end of its life :(

I did not know I could add my own icons ... this is a terrible/wonderful thing to find out!

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