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I finally watched the last episode of the X-Files season 10 and wanted to look back on the thing as a whole.

[The spoilers are out there]

Overall, I would give the season a solid B. It had some great moments and some terrible moments, but I think the former outweighed the latter. Plus, Mulder and Scully are two of the greatest TV characters of all time, IMO, and so anything that has them together can only be so bad.

Next, a look at particularly episodes - warning, I don't go in order!

My personal favourite episode was "Founder's Mutation." Along with my current re-watch of the whole series (I'm about 3/4 of the way through season 1), it helped me realize that my favourite episodes are the ones that are more science-based, and this definitely was that. I just thought it was a very interesting story and it led to some good character moments for the leads.

Everyone was raving about "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster," which fell a bit flat for me. I think my main problem was that Mulder's development in the episode would have fit better if this was the second episode, rather than the third (which apparently it originally was going to be). Also, the tonal shift was just a bit too much for me - I really don't remember anything quite that goofy before. But it was still a decent episode and probably the second best of the season.

I tend to like My Struggles Part 1 and 2 better than most people - I think there were some really good ideas in there but there just wasn't enough time to develop them. Part 2 did at least make a case for why Agent Eistein could be a necessary character in the future, since at this point Scully has seen too much to be skeptical and, as this episode showed, sometimes that is necessary. Not sure about Agent Miller yet, though he seems like an okay kid.

"Babylon" was, quite frankly, terrible. I expect more from this show than to fall back on stereotypes and that was all this was. Which made the Miller/Einstein characters really not work.

"Home Again," was a bit hit and miss. Scully's storyline was amazing but the mystery of the week wasn't strong enough to be paired with it.

Other thoughts:

- I don't know if I like all the emphasis on William, probably because I don't really remember much about him from the original run. General opinion seems to be that it was one of the weaker parts of the later seasons, so it might not have been the best thing to focus on. That said, I did love the scenes where Scully and Mulder imagined what life with him would have been like.

- Agent Skinner was CRIMINALLY underused, I don't know why they even bothered putting him in the opening credits.

- Speaking of the credits, I do sort of love that the original ones were used, though at the same time I think I would have liked to see some new visuals, so long as they kept the original theme song.

- I can't believe the damn thing ended on a cliffhanger. While I do think this season proves that the X-Files can still work, it seems a bit presumptous to end on a cliffhanger without concrete plans for more episodes - particularly since I have a feeling that we might have a bit of a wait before everyone can be brought back to do more.

So yeah ... overall, I liked it and would like to see more. This season was definitely not one of the series' best, but it was still enjoyable and I look forward to seeing what comes next (assuming that anything comes next).


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